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In July 2020 World Reserve Trust began to publish a series of Research Papers. This series comprises preprints of papers submitted for conference and journal publication, supported by research reports and case studies. The authors of these papers are members of the Transaction Provenance and Currency Research group and their Colleagues.

Published papers have been catalogued with the British Library under the following references: ISSN 2732-5768 (print) | ISSN 2732-5776 (online)

World Reserve Trust Publications: Vol 1 (July 2020)


White Paper: SMART.T: Silubi®
A multi-sided trading, provenance-building and economic development platform.
Authors: Stephen Hill, Gerald Leong and Patrick Humphreys


Research Paper: Socialising The Decision-Making Process: Transaction Provenance Decision Support
A version of this paper was presented at the IFIP DS 2020 Open Conference: “Toward enhanced shaping risk culture theory and making sound decisions under pressure” (June 2020). This revised version was published in the Journal of Decision Systems special issue for papers from this conference (December 2020).
Authors: Patrick Humphreys


Research Paper: Productive transactions and trade in the new world order: The role of provenance
A version of this paper will be submitted for publication in World Futures Journal.
Authors: Patrick Humphreys, Gerald Leong, Boyi Li and Amy Luk

World Reserve Trust Publications: Vol 2 (March 2021)

Research Paper: Innovative and creative decision making: Socialising context, process and support
A version of this paper will be published in Foundations and Trends in information Technology, 2021.
Authors: Patrick Humphreys, Boyi Li and Amy Luk

Research Paper: Transaction Provenance Search within and beyond the Provenance Knowledge Tapestry
To be submitted for Presentation at the IFKAD (International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics,) Conference, Matera, Italy, June 2021.
Authors: Patrick Humphreys, Luc Moreau, Freddie Quek and Timothy Disney

Research Paper: Is Smart Token Economy the Future of Regional Ecosystems? Provenance Platform, Entrepreneurial Clustering and Social Embedding
A version of this paper will be presented at the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, September 2021.
Authors: Boyi Li, Amy Luk and Patrick Humphreys

World Reserve Trust Publications: Vol 3 (November 2021)

Research Paper: Digital Currencies & Trading Platforms: Future Species & Regulation Issues
A version of this paper is planned for presentation at the African Digital Currency Community Conference, Addis Ababa, 2021.
Authors: Marcelo Ramella (Deputy Director for Financial Stability, Bermuda Monetary association)

Research Paper: Good Transactions for Good
To be submitted for publication in the European Journal of Innovation Management.
Authors: Stephen Hill and Patrick Humphreys